PARF  built up with a reason to unfold knowledge among the scientific community. We as an Open Access publisher are enroute to be the world pioneer in the provision of Open Access. To provide an open access platform that supports scientific examination and sharing of thoughts and speculations between acclaimed scientists and academicians over the world. The stage bolsters all verticals of science and helps to construct a powerful store of knowledge that can be profited for free and on any device.

PARF is a center for researchers and scientists who work as an inseparable unit to bring a vastly improved tomorrow for people. We focus on the prerequisites of researchers, students, and the entire world. We will be the leading provider in Open Access Publications with an assortment of renowned scholarly worldwide journals and devoted to serving the scientific and academic groups and in this way the entire society by publishing a prime quality Journals. We are focused on disseminating high-quality research to as wide a crowd of people as possible. 


Poonam Shodh Rachna (PSR) is an international peer-reviewed, monthly online academic research journal in all the fields. The PSR is to create forum for review, reflection and discussion informed by the results of recent and ongoing research in each and every fields. The PSR provides a forum for disseminating and enhancing theoretical, empirical and/or programmatic research across the all disciplines. PSR encourage new ideas and works in all the fields and it publishes high quality original papers, theory-based empirical papers, review papers, case reports, conference reports/papers, technology reports, book reviews, commentaries, events and news. Special issues devoted to important topics in all the fields. We welcome papers from both academicians and practitioners on theories, business models, conceptual paradigms, academic research and consultancy projects. 

The Journal invites original papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications that are not published or not being considered for publication. 

Multidisciplinary Journal covers all Subjects 

Life sciences: - Agricultural Sciences, Animal/ Veterinary Sciences, Archeology, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, Biodiversity and Conservation, Bioinformatics, Biological Sciences, Biology, Biotechnology, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Histology, Ichthyology, Immunology, Life Sciences, Limnology, Malacology, Marine Sciences, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Paleontology, Physiology, Quantum Biology, Structural Biology, System biology, Theoretical Biology, Toxicology, Virology, Zoology.

Health Sciences: - Anesthesiology, Bariatrics, Critical care medicine, Dermatology, Emergency medicine, Family medicine, General Practice, Hematology, Infectious disease, Kinesiology, Laboratory medicine, Medical physics, Medicine and Dentistry, Neurology, Oncology, Nursing and Health Professions, Nutrition and Metabolism, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Pathology, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Public health and preventive medicine, Radiology, Siddha and Ayurveda, Splanchnology, Surgery, Urology, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science..

Authors are requested to submit their research and review articles  online to us at  poonamshodh@gmail.com . 

Physical, Chemical Sciences & Engineering: - Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Science, Energy, Engineering & Technology, Engineering Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology, Material Science, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: - Arts and Humanities, Business Management, Decision Science, Economics, Education, English Literature, Finance, Hindi Literature, History, Hotel Management, Law, Linguistics and Languages, Management, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Religion Studies, Sanakrit Literature, Tourism, etc.

Accounting & Commerce: - Accounting, Banking, Business and Marketing, e-Commerce, Economics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Financial Development, Human Resources, Income Tax, Insurance Marketing, IT in Business, Management, Modern Banking, etc.


  • Ø  Encouraging research work
  • Ø  Platform to showcase your research
  • Ø  Social specialist review team
  • Ø  Cross cultural focus
  • Ø  There is no publication fee to promote research work.

PSR – Benefits to paper publications

  • Ø  Easy Rapid paper publishing process since it is a monthly journal.
  • Ø  Publication within a short period after acceptance.
  • Ø  Updates about your manuscript delivered via e mail.
  • Ø  There is no publication fee to promote research work.Ø  
  • Ø  PSR provides individual Soft Copy of Certificate of Publication to each Author of paper.
  • Ø  Original article will be downloaded (PDF) from the www.poonamshodh.in from the respective page of the journal.


  • Ø  Area of concentration: Multidisciplinary
  • Ø  Frequency of publishing: Monthly
  • Ø  Language of publication: English and Hindi Languages
  • Ø  Peer  Review Process
  • Ø  10% Level Plagiarism Tolerance

Journal of PSR has

  • Ø  Communication of authors to get the manuscript status time to time.
  • Ø  Full text availability of articles in the form of PDF
  • Ø  On-line submission is fast and efficient
  • Ø  Rapid publication of research articles
  • Ø  A broad ranging open access online journal.
  • Ø  Eminent editorials from throught out the world.
  • Ø  Our journal indexed in different reputed publisher databases