Message from Chairman

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma , MBA, M.Phil., Ph.d., LLB, UGC NET in Management and Commerce, Ex. Indian Air Force and  having 28 yrs Experience.

            It is a great honor and privilege for me to be appointed as Editor-in-Chief of Poonam Shodh Rachna (PSR), an official journal of Poonam Acdemic Research Foundation(PARF) which is one of the growing institution in the field of research in humanity and social sciences, which was conceived as a month journal, when it started in 2016 is now also a monthly open-access refereed journal indexed on Researchbib. I applaud other respected members for their inspiring commitment, outstanding contribution, and service in elevating the journal to its current level of excellence. The new editorial team will continue to seek his expert guidance for taking PSR to further heights of recognition and readership. The PARF was originally established to showcase humanity and social sciences research in India, but its current scope includes book publication with ISBN number, helping young researchers in making their research thesis, data analysis, Journal publishing. Indeed, PSR is now recognized as an international rather than a domestic journal with a considerable proportion of manuscripts being contributed from outside the country. PSR will continue to adhere to its original philosophy of promoting the sharing of experience by our members.

              I had the privilege of serving in Indian Air Force where the discipline is mandatory  Therefore, I understand the ethics and sincerity  involved in writing research and importance peer review and ethics in manuscripts handling for ensuring scientific values of publication work and importance of efficiency of the editorial team. I am fortunate to have the support of my experienced colleagues who will continue to serve the journal.

              I believe that the most components of any scientific journal's success are the submission of high-quality manuscripts, the dedication of members of its editorial board, and excellence of those reviewing the manuscripts. These days when publication in major journals can take several months after a paper is accepted, the open-access online format of PSR provides a platform for fast publication without undue delay or expense. At this juncture, I would like to caution the younger colleagues not be carried away by usual norm of “publish or perish.” The aim of a scientific publication is to advance the knowledge of the discipline as a whole and not just to add numbers to the publication list of an author or mere fulfilling the requirement of professional promotion. We will take utmost care for rigorous peer review of all submitted manuscripts to accept only quality contents without any fringe of conflict for publication. I will take this opportunity to appeal to all authors to prepare their manuscripts strictly according to journal instructions so as to avoid any undue delay in its editorial processing and disappointment of rejection. We are constantly working to expand the number of external reviewers to handle future journal submissions. Soon you will also have a new look of journal online and an official logo. With my editorial staff, I will explore new means to improve journal manuscript handling efficiency with modern electronic applications and tools. We will aim for a rapid turnaround time from submission to decision and introducing review articles of current importance, more subsections for the benefit of authors and readers. With my editorial team, I will strive to generate an impact factor for PSR for which we invite submission of more original articles and citation of relevant Indian literature published in this journal in your future publications.

Thanking you,

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Sharma

Chairman, PARF, Prayagraj