Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Editorial Policy

Editorial Board will evaluate all submitted manuscripts exclusively on the basis of their academic merit and its relevance to the journal’s scope, without any prejudice. Decisions to edit and publish are determined exclusively by the journal itself. The Editor-in-Chief has full authority over the entire editorial content of the journal and the timing of publication of that content.


Editors/Editorial Board maintains full confidentiality regarding any information about a submitted manuscript to the journal as appropriate.

Conflicts of interest and disclosure

The unpublished information in a submitted manuscript will not be used by editors and editorial board members for their own research purposes without the authors’ written consent. Any information obtained by editors/editorial board members as a result of handling the manuscript will be kept confidential and not used for their personal advantage. In the event of conflict of interest in a submitted manuscript, editors will ask another member of the editorial board to handle the manuscript.

Publication decisions

The Editorial Board is responsible for deciding the publication of a submitted manuscript to the journal, based on its relevance, the reviewers’ comments, and such legal requirements as are currently in force regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. All submitted papers are sent for double blind peer review after approval by the Editorial Board. The final decisions are taken by the Editorial Board based on reviewers’ comments and authors’ responses.

Responsibility of Reviewers

Reviewers will review the manuscript objectively without any prejudice. Reviewers will provide constructive and objective comments and criticisms for improving the quality of the paper. Manuscripts received for review are confidential documents and must not be shown to or discussed with others by the reviewer. Unpublished material disclosed in a submitted manuscript must not be used in a reviewers’ own research without the written consent of the authors.

Responsibility of Authors

All manuscripts to the journal must be submitted adhering to the publication guideline. Manuscripts found incomplete in any respect will not be considered for publication.

Authors may be asked to provide the raw data of their study together with the manuscript for editorial review if required and should be prepared to make the data publicly available.

Authors should ensure that they have written and submitted only original works, and use/reference and citations from other authors’ works must be duly acknowledged in the paper. Authors are responsible for all contents in their article(s) including accuracy of the data, facts, statements, citing resources, etc. Submission of a manuscript concurrently to more than one journal is unacceptable.

Facts and opinions in articles published in the journal are solely the personal statements/views of respective authors. The Journal/Editorial Board/Editors disclaim any liability of violations of other parties’ rights, or any damage incurred as a consequence to use or apply any of the contents of the journal. All authors whose manuscripts are finally accepted for publication will have to mandatorily sign the disclosure statement.


Copyrights of all manuscripts finally accepted and published in the journal shall rest solely with PSR. No materials of this journal will be reproduced in any form without permission.