Title of the paper    : "Swot Analysis On Health Education Of INDIA From 2005-2015"

Authors Mr. Raj Bhardwaj, (School of Business) Galgotias University, Greater Noida U.P; India
Abstract The reason for this study was to lead a qualities, shortcomings, open doors, and dangers (SWOT) examination of the wellbeing training calling and discipline in India. Materials from CINAHL, ERIC, MEDLINE, and Web were gathered to lead the open coding of the SWOT investigation. Qualities of wellbeing training in India incorporate an intricate layered framework, thoroughly prepared labor force in wellbeing schooling, assets for data scattering, school wellbeing schooling projects, and capacity to lead orderly necessities appraisals. Shortcomings of wellbeing schooling in India remember center for just information based intercessions, essential dependence on print media, failure to arrive at provincial and weak regions, no quality affirmation, no special roads for wellbeing teachers, no association, and outdated preparation of wellbeing instructors. Open doors incorporate need to include society media, improve support of whimsical functionaries like strict pioneers, conventional healers, customary birth specialists (dais), construct orderly patient and worksite wellbeing schooling, apply hypothetical methodologies like social promoting, include doctors, and arrange wellbeing training and wellbeing teachers in India. Dangers incorporate analysis as persuasive control and conveyance of wellbeing training efforts as techno-administrative, vertical projects without building the foundation at the grassroots level. 
Key words SWOT Analysis, Health Education
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