Poonam Academic Research Foundation

The worth of a Humanities and Social Science education is often judged by how well it teaches pupils important life lessons. The objective is to equip them with knowledge and abilities that will allow them to take charge of their lives and succeed in their endeavours via personal responsibility. While this may be somewhat accurate, the realisation that kids are not passive consumers of a value system considered socially suitable is a critical facilitator and a potent source of agency. When people take on the role of active arbiters of social code, when they acquire the skills to question concepts of worth and investigate the motivations behind what they find or don't find appealing, a liberating functioning and aesthetic might develop. In the fight for intellectual and social equality in our country, which is at the core of institutions like ours, the ability to generate ideas that gain traction in society, to comprehend the context of scientific transaction, and to critique process and detail driven innovation becomes a determining factor. Economics, English, Philosophy, Management, Commerce, Psychology, and Sociology are just a few examples of the Humanities and Social Science fields that are fundamental to a IHSS education. Classes from these areas are necessary for the knowledge. The institute's Doctorate curriculum is nearing completion and will launch in the 2023/24 academic year. The Institute has considerable leeway in developing required and optional curriculam for its student body, these programmes are geared at helping students grasp the social foundations upon which scientific cultures rest. The institute serves as a resource centre for the researchers, whose work complements the institute's curriculum and contributes actively to the institution's knowledge eco system. Network and Social Media are the focus of the Institute's study.